Pumpkins with paint and paint brushes with a title for ways to decorate a pumpkin without carving

Too busy to carve a pumpkin? Not interested in the messy innards all over your back porch? Are your kids too young to handle a knife? No problem! There are lots of ways you can decorate a pumpkin for Halloween without ever bringing out the knife!

Stencils: Paint or spray paint over stencils to make faces or patterns on your pumpkins. There are tons of stencils, available in a wide variety of shapes, and you can make you own out of cereal box or some other cardboard.

Glitter: Glue and glitter make for a great combination on your pumpkin! Make a sparkly patterned pumpkin, or just cover the whole thing with glitter and rhinestones! Very sweet!

Felt clothing and wigs: Make your pumpkin a fashionable outfit! Make a mini top hat, give her a wig, and give her eyes a spot of glitter and eyeliner for the beauty queen of jack o’lanterns!

Ribbons: Tie a few festive ribbons to the stem of your pumpkin, and let the ribbon trail down the sides of your pumpkin for an easy, adorable decoration.

Leaves and flowers: Sticking fall leaves and mums into the sides of your pumpkin in a pretty pattern will make it pretty with little effort! You can use either fake or real flowers, or a combination of the two.

Mr. Pumpkin Head: Use Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head face pieces for a funny pumpkin! Add hair, and jewelry for a hilarious (and simple) jack o’lantern!

Gold leaf: Gold leaf and metallic spray paint will make your pumpkin worth its weight in gold!

Paint: Simply paint a cute or funny face on the pumpkin with craft paints!

Colored tape: Make plaid patterns on your pumpkin with colored tape or ribbon with a little glue on it. The striped patterns or checkers will make you pumpkin extra sweet!

Chalkboard paint: Cover your gourd in chalkboard paint, and let the children have a countdown to Halloween pumpkin on the porch, or let them draw. Easy erase and loads of fun.

Tacks: The thumbtacks you can buy with the rounded silver and gold tops make pumpkin decorating easy. Just pin the tacks into the sides and write initials, or make a delightful picture on the outside in metallic dots. It adds a little sparkle, and won’t break your wallet!









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