ingredients for washcloth candiesSimilar to the Washcloth Lollipop you will need the same kind of materials:

You will need:

1 pk Baby Washcloths-$2.00 (Dollar General)
1 Roll Curling Ribbon-$1.00 (Dollar Tree)
1/2 yard Tulle-$0.50-$1.00 (Wal-mart)
3 clear rubberbands-Varies (Wal-mart )<–what you are looking for

Total cost to make 1 Washcloth Candy: About $2.00

Step 1:

Unroll your washcloth and have it as seen below. You will then roll it “hot dog style”

folded washcloth on a table top

Then roll it hamburger style as seen below
washcloth being rolled up by a hand

Step 2:
Place a clear rubberband over the rolled up washcloth
washcloth wrapped with a rubber band
As you can see I didn’t have any clear rubberbands but I did have the ones available at Wal-mart in the infant section for hair.

Step 3:

You then want to place the washcloth inside the tulle piece as shown, you want to roll it in it
washcloth with mesh materialWashcloth candy being wrapped in mesh

Step 4:

Use 1 clear rubberband on each end of the “tube” you created after rolling the washcloth in the tulle. You will want to twist the tulle while holding the washcloth
Washcloth candy wrapped in mesh on a table top

Add your curling ribbon on each end. trim and curl to your liking

Washcloth candy on a table top with uncurled ribbonWashcloth candy with ribbon on a wooden board

You know have a homemade baby shower gift or add-on to a gift!

Washcloth candies with ribbons

Check back for more Baby Shower Gift Ideas often!


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  1. Perfect idea I added these to a diaper cake I made:) FYI I got 24 wash clothes for $3.99 at Ross’s even better bargin! Thanks for this great ideas:)