Delicious Drink Recipes

This collection of delicious and refreshing drink recipes has everything from alcoholic cocktails to non-alcoholic and virgin drinks.

From warm drinks like peppermint mocha lattes to cold drinks like watermelon sangria and cranberry champagne cocktails, prepare to have your thirst quenched. We even have fun recipes like orange creamsicle jello shots in here!

Tips For Serving Drinks

If you’re making drinks for a crowd, making a pitcher of vodka sweet tea or sparkling berry lemonade is the way to go. You’ll save time, and ice will keep them cold while you’re enjoying them.

If you’re in the mood for a highball or martini like these sidecar cocktails or cosmopolitans, you’ll be able to make a couple cocktails at a time.

When you’re serving beverages, the glass is super important. With a punch or highball style drink, you should use a tall glass. Lowball glasses generally include martini glasses, wine glasses, or a classic whiskey glass.

Blended drinks are generally served in pitchers (for a crowd), milkshake glasses or margarita glasses.

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