supplies for washcloth candies on a table top

You will need:

1 pk Baby Washcloths-$2.00 (Dollar General)
1 Plastic Spoon or Fork-$2.00 (for whole package Dollar General)
1 Roll Curling Ribbon-$1.00 (Dollar Tree)
1/2 yard Tulle-$0.50-$1.00 (Wal-mart)
4 clear rubberbands-Varies (Wal-mart or Sallys)<–what you are looking for

Total cost to make 1 Washcloth Lollipop:$2.50 (You can make 5 from the materials above)

Step 1:
Unwrap 2 washcloths, 1 spoon or fork.
Cut a piece of tulle a little bit taller than the plastic fork/spoon so you end up with a square
washcloths, mesh and fork and spoon

Step 2:
Unroll the washcloth, then you will roll it “hotdog style”
folded washcloth on a table clothrolled up washcloths
You will then roll the washcloth “hamburger” way
washcloth being rolled up

You then add a clear rubberband on it. (I show you how it looks with a color rubberband) Then slip the spoon or fork on the back underneath the rubberbands
washcloth rolled up with a rubber bandwashcloth candies with baby spoon

Step 3:
Take the tulle and wrap it around the washcloth and spoon, you will then add a clear rubberband at the base of the spoon/fork
washcloth ribbons being wrapped with mesh and ribbon
You then add the curling ribbon over top of the clear rubberband and trim to your liking on the tulle
washcloth candies with ribbon

Now you can dress these up anyway you want to:

-Add a bow
-Use different color tulle or curling ribbon
-Use an actual lollipop stick (Found in the craft department by the cake making supplies at Walmart)


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  1. I cant tell by the pic if they already are, but a good idea would be to use baby feeding spoons (they do make cheap plastic “keep or toss” kinds or dollar stores sometimes carry baby spoons

  2. That is a great idea! Slightly off topic…do you know of any fun bridal shower gift ideas on a budget?

  3. Another tip is walmart has a 5 or 6 pk of baby washcloths for 0.99 cents, just another way to save 🙂