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Surprising Uses for Mayonnaise

Mayo is a great condiment for your sandwiches, and tuna salad wouldn’t be the same without it. However, mayo isn’t just for cold cuts and egg salad anymore. Try out some of these weird uses for mayonnaise!

Manicure, anyone? If you have weak nails, try adding a little mayo to your cuticles. Just soak your nails in a bit of mayo for five minutes at a time. After a handful of applications, your nails will start to grow in thicker and healthier. Who knew?

No more marks: Get the kids’ crayola artwork off of the wall with a little mayonnaise! Just rub the mayo with a cloth right onto the wall and let it sit. The oils in in the mayonnaise will break down the wax in the crayons to leave your wall spotless, without damaging the paint!

Get rid of sap: If your Christmas tree dabbled your carpet or furniture with sap, get rid of it with mayonnaise. The oils in mayo will also break down gum, tar and sticker residue without damaging surfaces. Just dab on some and let it sit until the gum or sap is easy to peel off, then clean up the mayo left behind. No more tree sap!

Conditioner: There are lots of awesome, natural oils in mayonnaise that are great for your hair. Just take a glob of your favorite spread and run it through your hair, from roots to ends. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before shampooing like normal to add the shiny, healthy bounce back to your hair!

Fix furniture: If you have those pesky rings on your wood left from coffee cups and soda cans, just run a little mayo into the ring. It will help to erase the marks and leave your wood furniture hydrated and clean.

Hydrate your skin: If you have whole-egg mayo laying around in your fridge, make yourself a soothing, moisturizing facial cream! You can even add a little salt to the mayo to make a moisturizing face scrub. All you have to do is take a handful right out of the jar and rub it into your face. Let it set for about 20 minutes before rinsing. You’ll feel like your skin is brand new!

Jar of mayonnaise for surprise uses for mayonnaise






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  1. Thanks for the tip. I have a big jar of mayo in the fridge that is out of date. Looks like lots of nail soaks for me. I’m glad I didn’t throw it out.

  2. Not really surprising if you’re a Southerner. Y’all will be floored with what we can do with Crisco.