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Natural Ways to Whiten your Teeth


Are your pearly whites not as white as they used to be? Coffee, smoking, acidic foods, and avoiding the dentist can make your smile a little lackluster, but whitening products are expensive and can be damaging to your teeth. Don’t worry, there’s hop!! You probably have several whitening products in your kitchen, and you don’t even know it!


Orange Peel: Orange peels and rinds are useful for all sorts of things, including teeth whitening! Did you know rubbing your teeth with an orange peel before you brush your teeth can revamp your smile in just a couple of weeks? No kidding!


Olive Oil: It’s one of the most versatile kitchen products, but it should also be kept in the bathroom! With its great hydrating benefits for your hair and its natural teeth whitening properties, you’ll need a second bottle!


Baking Soda: Add it to your toothpaste for an extra kick of whitening.


Strawberries: Strawberries are awesome for your teeth! Mush up some fresh berries and rub them in, let it sit on your teeth for about three minutes, then brush. You’ll see in a difference in less than a week!


Apple Cider Vinegar: You’ve got to love vinegar! Dip your toothbrush in it, but be careful! Vinegar is an acid, and will chip away at your enamel if you leave it on your teeth. Brush with regular toothpaste immediately after brushing or gargling vinegar.


No Lemon Juice: Never brush your teeth with lemon juice or suck on lemons to whiten teeth. It’s is very acidic and will damage your smile.


Upkeep is Key: Most of the build up on your teeth can be prevented with maintenance. Go to the dentist every six months and have them clean your teeth. Use toothpaste twice a day, but never immediately after eating (that’s right, you should brush your teeth before breakfast!), use floss daily and swish a good mouthwash product daily.





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