Box of borax for household uses for borax

Uses for Borax


Borax is an awesome product! It is a great cleaning solution that doesn’t leave chemical film behind, and can be used in almost every part of your home. Get ready to take notes because Borax is going to change the way you clean!


  • Window washing cleaner: 2 parts ammonia, 1 part borax, A bucket of warm water, newspaper. Dump the ammonia and borax straight into the bucket of water water and mix. Using some balled up newspaper, wipe down your windows and glass. The newsprint combined with the Borax will make your windows shine like new! You can use this mix on any glass product, like mirrors or glass tables too!
  • Preserve flowers forever: If you set your fresh flowers out to dry, they can get wrinkled and brittle looking. Save the look of your flowers by taking one part white, dry sand to two parts Borax. Put half the mixture in a shoe box, then lay in the flowers. Pour, gently, the rest of the mix over the flowers and let stand for a week and a half. Your dried flowers will look beautiful forever.
  • DIY Dishwasher soap: 1 part borax, 1 part sodium carbonate (washing soda). Mix these two together and drop about ¼ cup into your dishwasher for sparkling clean dishes.
  • Clean your garbage disposal: Dump about 3 tablespoons of borax into your disposal and let sit for about 15 minutes before flushing with water with the disposal running. It will get rid of any food smells and get your disposal clean!
  • Clean your coffee maker: Measure out about 2 teaspoons of borax, and pour it into the coffee maker where the water goes. Add water, then run the coffee maker. After the borax water has brewed, you can run clean water through the coffee maker three or four times to get the insides of your coffee maker shiny and clean with no scrubbing!
  • No more cat odor: Keep the cat’s litter from stinking up the house by mixing in ¼ cup of borax with the litter. It will absorb the cat odors without keeping the litter from clumping properly.
  • No more rust: Borax, fresh lemon juice. Mix the two together to make a paste, then scrub over the rust stains with a toothbrush. This solution will rid your bathroom of any rust stains that might hang around in the bathtub or sink!





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  1. I really like the way it cleaned my coffee machine. I’ve used borax for years in the laundry, but was unaware of the other household uses.