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Uses for Coffee Filters


If you are an avid coffee drinker, or even if your are not, you probably have a boat-load of coffee filters laying around. They do help make a good cup of joe, but they have lots of other uses too. They’re not just for the kitchen anymore!


Cover it up: Covering your food when you put it in the microwave can prevent big messes. So try covering it with a coffee filter! Instead of washing a second plate or wasting paper towels, you can just cover it with a coffee filter.


Strain stock: Making chicken broth or vegetable soup and need the stock to be clear? Filter it through a coffee filter to get the small, solid pieces left behind.


Tea Bag: You can make your own tea bags out of loose tea leaves, a coffee filter and some string. You can also brew tea through your coffee maker if you want to make a bunch!


Save your cast iron: When storing your cast iron pan or pot, put a coffee filter on the inside. It will prevent the pan from rusting by soaking up any moisture that may be around.


Make an air freshener: Tie off a coffee filter filled with baking soda. You can store these odor-fighting pouches in your shoes, your fridge, or even your car!


Clean your windows: Wipe down the windows with a coffee filter instead of a rag or paper towel; the filters won’t leave lint or streaks behind. Also great for mirrors!


Disposable bowls: If you are serving handfuls of popcorn or candies at movie night or at a party, use coffee filters as disposable bowls for your snacks. It means less clean up for you at the end of the night!


Save your soil: Place a coffee filter in the bottom of your flower pots before adding soil. It will allow for the water to drain without losing any soil from the pot.





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