Coconut oil in a glass dish with a title for 15 uses for coconut oil

Coconut oil is AMAZING!! If you haven’t been using it, you’ve been missing out!!

Coconut oil is a yummy, dairy-free substitute for butter, and makes some of the best french fries in the world. But it is good for so much more than cooking!

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1. Body Lotion: Coconut oil is a natural oil that will enhance the oil of your skin without chemicals.

2. Leave-in Conditioner: Melt a little in the microwave and rub it into your hair. Wash it out the next day for the shiniest hair ever!

3. Goodbye Stretch Marks: Using coconut oil during pregnancy will help prevent stretch marks in the future.

4. Natural sunscreen: Use it to prevent cooking in the summer sun.

5. For Feet: Helps prevent and remove toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

6. Insect Bites: Coconut oil will soothe the skin after an insect bite. No more itch!

7. Massage Oil: For the best smelling massage you’ve ever had.

8. Good for Wood: Try this as a wood polish and you’ll never go back!

9. Pearly Whites: Brushing your teeth with coconut oil will help to remove some of the yellow from your smile.

10. Chewing Gum Remover: No more haircuts after a piece of gum gets stuck in your hair!

11. Prevent Acne: Rubbing coconut oil on your skin will help prevent breakouts by adding natural oils to your skin and cleaning, without harsh chemicals.

12. Remove Makeup: Clean and soft as baby’s skin!

13. Lip Balm: Spread it on your lips before going to the beach or skiing, to prevent wind, sun, or cold damage to your lips.

14. Soak Your Toes: Coconut oil is great for your cuticles, so soak your piggies in or your hands and feel like you just got a mani-pedi!

15. Revitalize: Mix coconut oil with sugar or salt for a body scrub from heaven.





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