Do you ever feel like somewhere along the way you lost a bit of the romance in your relationship? Lord knows I do! I have four kids, a full time job, I’m working on getting my degree, plus there’s all the housework, etc. and sometimes I feel my poor hubby and I end up just being like two ships passing in the night. With holiday season being upon us, it’s even busier and harder to find time to reconnect. Because my relationship with my hubby is so important to me, I felt like it was time to bring the romance back so I came up with this little gift basket to spice things up a bit!!

In the basket I added a collection of items, I know it looks so random, but stay with me here, and then I also wrote 12 different activities on pieces of paper and put them into a little bowl.

Each piece of paper has an activity listed on it, and the idea is to each day reach in and grab a slip of paper, and then do whatever is listed on the paper. They’re all fun things that are easy and inexpensive, but are intended to bring back the romance and intimacy. Every day, for 12 days, pull out a slip of paper and follow the directions and see where it can take your relationship!

Now, I created my own, but you can easily personalize this to you and your partner. Here are my 12 activities listed:

  1. Movie night: pop some popcorn and watch a movie whether it be on TV, DVD, or even streaming video. The hubs usually lets me choose the movie and let me tell you, EVERY SINGLE TIME I choose a bad one. However, we always end up with great laughs so no matter what type of movie you choose, just make sure you snuggle and enjoy each other, even if you don’t enjoy the movie
  2. Candlelight dinner: After you’ve fed the kids and put them to bed, I know you’ll be exhausted, but, set your plates aside so that you and your partner can have a candlelight dinner and discuss your day together. There is just something about candlelight that is so relaxing!
  3. Truth or Dare! This one can be as fun and spicy as you would like! It’s a great way to have a good time together! Get creative! Maybe enjoy a bottle of wine together first to make it even more fun!
  4. Dance! Get dressed up a bit, put on your favorite music station, clear the living room (just shove all the toys and clutter aside), and enjoy some time together!
  5. Make a bucket list together. Even if you are just dreaming up things you may never be able to afford or do, dream together! What would you do if money was not an issue and if it were just the two of you?
  6. Enjoy a candlelight bubble bath together. There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bubble bath by candelight, and nothing more sensual than adding your partner to the mix!
  7. Watch your wedding video or go through the story of how you met and what you were first thinking and feeling during those first few months. It’s always fun to re-live those butterflies in the tummy moments!
  8. Make a list of what you love about each other, and then read it to each other. It’s easy for us to feel unappreciated or unloved because of being so busy. We often forget to remind those we love that we love them and why. This is a great way to rekindle your romance!
  9. Write down a list of get to know you deeper questions for each other and then take turns answering them. This is a great way to learn things about your partner you never knew. You could ask questions such as “when did you know I was ‘the one’?”, “what did I do that has made you feel the most loved?”, “what is your favorite gift I have ever given you?”, etc.
  10. Play revealing poker!! This is easy and can be fun! Have some of your favorite drinks, play your favorite card game, and enjoy each other!
  11. Create your own game! Grab a set of dice and a notebook. Write down the numbers 1-6 on a piece of paper and for each number write a romantic action. Then start rolling the dice and do whatever the number(s) on the dice tell you to! This could be really fun.
  12. A romantic candelight massage. Grab some of your favorite massage oil and take turns just enjoying each other.

This is a great way to bring back a little spice and romance to your relationship! It doesn’t have to be expensive at all!

This DIY gift basket is a great way to keep the romance alive during the holiday season! What things do you do to make sure you and your partner stay connected during the busy holidays?


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