Super easy homemade donuts!

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You would not believe how super easy these donuts are to make!
As a matter of fact, I bet you already have all of the ingredients in your pantry!
These donuts are a very quick breakfast fix & oh so yummy!
Simple & Easy Donuts! 

(1) Can of Biscuits (you can use any kind as long as they are not the Flaky Kind!)
Cooking Oil
for the topping
you can either use
Powdered Sugar
**ALL of which are very yummy… you can also mix the sugar and cinnamon together which is what I did in the photo above! **
Whip it up:
Simply cut a hole out of the middle of each biscuit (I used a water bottle lid because I did not have anything laying around that would center out the inside of the small canned biscuits)
Keep the holes to the side you can always make Mini Donut holes 😉
Fry them in a skillet on med/low heat until they get golden brown.
Lay Biscuits on a paper towel to drain oil & cool!Melt your butter in a separate shallow bowl
& in another shallow bowl you can create your own mix (sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar)
Dip one side of biscuit into butter
Then sprinkle your topping on each side I like a very light amount of sugar but of course it is to your liking!
You can also make your own glaze by using Powdered Sugar + Milk the measurements depend on how thick you like your glaze. I have also seen people use melted chocolate icing as well! 


3 comments on “Super easy homemade donuts!”

  1. I used to make these, but instead of cutting the hole out, I would just stretch them out a bit and poke a hole with my fingers. They taste awesome!

  2. I am super excited to try these out! It couldn’t be easier and has to be much healthier then buying store made donuts. Thank you for sharing. I will be sharing this one with everyone!

  3. this looks super yummy and I have all of this stuff in the kitchen right now!

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