Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

This collection of easy breakfast recipes has everything you’ll need! Whether you’re looking for a quick on the go breakfast, a make-ahead breakfast, or a delicious decadent brunch, you’ll find it here.

During the week, we love making quick and easy breakfasts like easy breakfast tacos, make ahead egg muffins, and sausage and potatoes skillet.

Some of our favorite weekend brunch recipes include easy casseroles like overnight breakfast casserole, and overnight breakfast enchiladas. Don’t forget the lattes and cranberry mimosas!

Why Is Breakfast Important?

You’ve definitely heard that breakfast is the most important of the day, and here’s why!

While sleeping, your body enters fasting mode. Skipping breakfast keeps your body in fast mode, meaning you’re burning fewer calories throughout the day.

Eating a healthy (and delicious) breakfast first thing will help jump start your morning, and give you the energy you need throughout the day!

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