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Rainy Day Fun

Rain can ruin all of your outdoor plans. It will interrupt your trips to the park, swimming, or the trip to a theme park. But don’t let the rain stop both you and your children from having a great time!

Do something together:
-Read to your kids! Help develop their communication skills and bond with your kids over a great book.
-Have a Nerf Gun Battle! Make sure all of your guns have the same bullets, so you can fire them back!
-Word Games are Super Fun! Play some word association games, or crossword puzzles, or a board game with words. It’s great for learning and great for fun time together.
-Tell Them Stories! Grab your photo albums and go to town! Explain what was going on in each picture, showing your kids what it was like to grow up in the “old days.”
-Bake Together! Kids love to help bake and decorate. Make some brownies, cookies, banana bread, or other simple recipe they can help with, and help decorate, too!
-Jump In Some Puddles! Make sure to wear your waterproof boots and raincoats.

Playtime for just the kids:
-Grab Pillows and Blankets For a Fort! Movies and snack time are way more fun in a fort.
-Host an Indoor Treasure Hunt! Hide money, treats or other fun things around the house, along with clues. The kids will love to run the gambit!
-Dress Up for a Tea Party! Get your kids’ friends involved! Serve snacks and tea or hot cider and let the kids dress up and party.

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