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Lemon goes great in tea, ice water, and makes a fantastic custard. Who doesn’t like lemon pies and lemon cakes? But there are loads of other reasons you should be keeping lemons around the house, and most of them aren’t for cooking!

  • Smelly cutting board? Take a half of a lemon, and rub the innards all over your wooden cutting board. It will sanitize, detox and bring a fresh smell to your tired cutting board.
  • Have bugs? Add some lemon slices or fresh-squeezed lemon juice to your floor cleaner. The lemon smell will chase away the bugs. They hate lemons!
  • Have yellowed nails? If you fingernails are a little worse for wear, rub a little lemon slice over them. It will remove that ugly yellow color that comes from cheap nail polish without weakening the nail.
  • Smelly garbage disposal? Grind a half of a lemon up in your disposal. The acids will clean it and the lemon-scent will make your kitchen smell yummy!
  • Need a facial? Add a little honey to a half of a lemon along with a little salt. Rub it all over your face, and let sit for ten minutes. You’ll have smooth, pimple-free skin in no time!
  • Have a smelly fridge? Let a cut lemon sit in your fridge uncovered for a few hours; it will soak up the smell and leave a lemon-fresh scent.
  • Need to remove paint? Lemon is highly acidic, and can remove paint from almost any hard surface, such as glass. It will also remove built up paint on paintbrushes.
  • Need to clean your pots? Add two lemons worth of slices to some boiling water in a dirty pot. The acid from the lemons will clean your pans’ insides without damaging them. This also will clean the air in your home, so it’s a great two for one!
  • Have a smelly fireplace? Fix it buy burning lemon peel with your next fire!
  • Have onion hands? Washing your hands with a little lemon juice will remove that fishy or onion odor from your skin that tends to stick around after handling certain foods in the kitchen.



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