Whipped Cream Easter Eggs are a safe, easy and fun way to color your Easter Eggs! Kids love this project! Be ready for some laughs with the kids, and some gorgeous colors on your Easter Eggs!

Easter eggs being decorated for whipped cream Easter eggs


1 large can or large tub of extra-creamy whipped cream or whipped topping
Liquid food coloring
Desired amount of eggs to dye
Spray or spread the whipped cream or whipped topping in a large baking dish or baking pan with sides.
Drip food coloring liberally over the whipped cream, keeping a space of about 1 inch between drops.
Use a spoon to swirl the colors around the whipped cream. Don’t mix it up too much, you want dramatic swirls of color!
Roll your eggs in the colored cream, using the end of the spoon to nudge them. One complete roll is best, that way the colors don’t get muddy.
Let your eggs sit for at least 10 minutes, letting the food coloring do its magic. The longer you let them sit, the brighter your dyed eggs will be. Half an hour would probably be the longest they should sit for food safety!
Gently wipe your eggs clean with a paper or cloth towel or rinse them quickly under cool water.
Paper towel or toilet paper rolls cut into 1 inch rounds work perfectly as holders for your beautiful eggs after they’ve been dyed, during proud photo ops, and before they get eaten or put away!


easter egg colored in whipped cream



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  1. Did this with extra creamy cool whip and did not take well. barely any color after we wiped them. Might try again with whipped cream because it was so fun and easy to clean up. We did let them sit a long time too!