Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

These super easy slow cooker recipes will transform your next meal. Whether you’re looking for slow cooker chicken recipes, slow cooker beef recipes or slow cooker pork recipes, you’ll find the perfect one here!

We love making slow cooker soups like chicken noodle soup and creamy tomato tortellini soup.

If you have a busy day, coming home to slow cooker beef and broccoli or slow cooker chicken fajitas is always comforting.

You can even prepare dessert in a slow cooker, such as monkey bread or apple cobbler. It’s one of our favorite machines!

Slow Cooker High VS Low

Most slow cookers have two settings, high and low. The high setting works best for lean cuts of meat, such as chicken breasts and pork tenderloin. Cooking low with lean cuts of meat can cause them to dry out.

The low setting works best for tougher, fattier cuts of meat such as stewing beef. The longer cooking time helps break down the fats and create super tender meat.

If you want to adjust the temperature to speed up or slow down the length of time a recipe takes in the slow cooker, the general rule is 4-5 hours on high, or 8-10 hours on low.

Can You Cook Frozen Meat In A Slow Cooker

It is not advised to cook meat from frozen in a slow cooker. The slow cooker provides a low temperature heat, so the meat will sit in the danger zone before coming to a safe cooking temperature for too long.

Always defrost the meat before adding it to the slow cooker to avoid any complications.

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