Fun ideas for an inexpensive date night!!

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Fun and inexpensive date night ideas

Cheap Date Nights


Date nights have a habit of being brushed aside because they are too expensive. Why spend $40 on dinner and another $40 on a movie for just a few hours on your own? But date nights away from the kids are important, and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Try these cheap date nights next time you’re out with your hubby.



Go on a drive.

Walk through the park, hand in hand.

Visit a museum.

Have a picnic.


Ride your bikes.

Play mini-golf.

Go to an arcade.

Window shop in the mall.

Go to a food festival or music festival.

Go to an art gallery.

Share an entree, or share two appetizers instead of going all out.

Find a coffee shop and bring a hobby you can do together.

Go Bowling.

Go roller skating.

Go dancing.

Go for a swim, without the kids.

Go to a driving range.

Try a free class.

Go to a street performance or amatuer comedy night.

Take a tour.

Go to the river or lake.

Bring a deck of cards to a diner.

Take a camera to a scenic area and snap away.

Go see a movie at the discount theatre.


Although you may not have much of a budget, the most important part is that you are spending couple time together. Keep it cheap, but make it fun!




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