Test Products and Get $3 per Survey with Pinecone Research!

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Pinecone Research is finally accepting new members for their top-rated survey site! You cannot join this site unless they open registration, so if you want in, I would definitely apply right now because they can close down registration at any time!

Pinecone Research pays out at least $3 per survey, even for short ones. Of course, they can be worth even more than that depending on how long it is. On top of surveys, they also offer product tests. I’ve heard of people getting to test out Suave body wash, Colgate toothpaste and more!

This survey site is one of the highest rated sites and is very legit. I was actually a member a few years ago but had to give it up due to not having time to do surveys anymore and I highly recommend it. I even got to test out a new flavor of Hot Pockets (showed up on my doorstep in a box of dry ice)!

Head over here to take a qualifying survey. I hope many of you get in!

Spaces are limited and they are looking for specific demographics, so not everyone will get in.

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  1. I’d love to test products at home

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