Earn Extra Cash by Watching Commericals and Scanning Barcodes!

I’ve heard quite a few of my blogging friends raving about this and I had to check it out to see for myself. Have you heard of Jingit?  It’s an awesome new way to earn EASY money!!

Jingit has teamed up with 7Up and Bausch & Lomb to bring you great ways to earn!!  They even have an app you can download on your smart phone. When you “check in” with that, people are reporting making $50!!!!!!

I signed up and made $4 in less than half an hour yesterday!! Tonight I’m trying out my first check-in and I hope I get the $50 to0!!!

Here’s how to get in on this:

  • Sign up for Jingit by filling out the very short form.
  • Start watching videos
  • Download the app (if you have a smart phone and want to do the check ins)
  • Then start earning money!!!
Easy right?! GO!!! Be sure and come back and tell me how much you love it and how much you get paid for a check-in!!
**I just signed up yesterday and have already earned $3.16**

Note: They only post a limited number of videos and surveys per day so it might not have many for you to watch always check back tomorrow! With no referrals you can only make $5 per week. Which means Start referring your family & friends… ;-) Adding referrals by posting your link on Facebook, Twitter & any other social media networks you use, this will increase your max earnings per week! $5 is only temporary!

Remember: Every SUNDAY is a new week! So every Sunday you can start earning MORE money!! Earn on the go by using the app on your iPhone or Android device!

How to Cash out: The debit card & Check. The debit card does have a $2 registration fee and that is deducted from your cash balance. No monthly fees, annual fees, or overdraft fees. Does not require a credit check and can be used almost anywhere Visa is accepted!

My Favorite Fact: This site is KID friendly! If you are 13 yrs old (or older) you can get the debit card! This is a great chance for parents/guardians to teach your kids about budgeting & managing there money! Plus it can give them something to look forward to & making there own little spending money!


If you are using the Phone App. you can “check-in” at local places. Once you do you can go on a type of scavenger hunt where if you scan the bar codes of certain products you get more money! Previously they have offers  $50 in one single “check-in” at random occasions!


And one last thing…get in now because starting in April, they’re going to start paying you when you buy products! It will work just like Ibotta! Buy the product and scan your receipt and instant cash!!!

JINGIT is free to try & you have nothing to lose ;-) !

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