Diamond Candles just $6!!!

I am so excited I can barely type right now!!! SneakPeeq has Diamond Candles for just $16, but new users get a FREE $10 credit which means just $6 for one of these!!! They sell for $26 normally!!!

(It looks like the prices have raised a bit, but are still far less than the Diamond Candle website sells them for. How much are they showing up for you?)

If you don’t know what Diamond Candles are, they’re a soy candle that smells AMAZING and each candle has a ring inside worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000!!! Some people even get genuine diamond rings! They’re AWESOME!

Here’s how to snag this deal:

  • Sign up with SneakPeeq (just authorize your fb, it’s super easy)
  • Click on the “living” tab
  • Click on “Diamond Candles”
  • Peeq for price and you’ll see the price after your credit is applied!! (it should be just $16 so just $6 after your $10 credit is applied
  •  I just bought one of these from the Diamond Candles site and spent $30 after shipping!!

Go go go!! These will sell out FAST!!!

*there is the possiblity of you having this shipped FREE for your first purchase, you should be able to “share” with friends and snag free shipping!!

Here is a picture of my diamond candle burning:

And here is a picture of my ring I found inside:

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  1. Carla Garcia says

    I tried but it’s telling me the price is $10 after the $10 credit :-(

  2. LeAnn Bowers says

    I got one for $10 with a $10 credit & free shipping. No free bracelet for me. I did get another 5% off to use in the next 4 days.

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