15 gift code giveaway winners announced!!

Another giveaway has ended!! This one has 15 winners!!!  Each winner will receive an Amazon gift code worth anywhere from $1 to $5.  It’s a surprise even to me how much each code is worth 😉

Ready to find out who won?!

  1.  Jesse White
  2.  Diane Riedel
  3.  Valerie Brenner
  4.  Stacey Copenhaver
  5.  Jolene Johnson
  6.  Jodi Hoppe Wresh
  7.  Laurna Hamilton
  8.  Carla Carr
  9.  Melinda Morse
  10.  Tiffanie Davenport
  11.  Christine Sapp
  12.  Millie Rojas
  13.  Nancy Schools
  14.  Krystal Wethington
  15.  Melissa Crow

Congrats to all of you who won!! If you see your  name listed above, please use the pink “contact” tab on the left hand side to claim your prize!!

If you didn’t win, no worries!! I LOVE doing giveaways and there will be a lot more chances!!

Thanks to all of you for entering, I really appreciate it!! :)

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