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  1. Angella Webb says

    the food! same stuff every year… pureed carrots and turnip, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole biscuuits and pies!!!

  2. Jennifer Clair says

    My favorite family tradition is, being surrounded by family and eating dinner all together at a table. Not often do you get to enjoy all of your family in one house, one room to share stories, laughs and tears. I love that once dinner and visiting is over, we come home and decorate for Christmas! It’s always been a tradition since I was wee-little and I now do it with my family. =)

  3. Andrea Hadfield says

    My favorite tradition is putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating the house while the turkey is in the oven. This is a tradition that my dad did all my life while growing up. My dad has been gone for 28 years now and I have continued to do this. My kids love it too!!

  4. Crystal ODell says

    Our favorite family tradition is gathering as family and play football & card games. Which we dont get to do often . My brother & sister are both Military.. So this is the 1st Thanksgiving in almost 5 years we will be all together.. Very thankful for that <3

  5. Marie says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the making of the Dressing passed down from generation to generation and it’s always made with so much love and pride!

  6. Kristen Mumaw says

    My favorite thing to do before Thanksgiving is eat that delicious Turkey with my extended family, then relax, play games and plan my shopping for Black Friday!

  7. Christa M says

    My favorite tradition is smelling the turkey cooking in the roaster overnight! Then finishing up my last minute cooking in the morning. Gotta love eating and just enjoying a lazy day!!

  8. Elisa Palermo says

    So my most favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that all my family gets together on this day…… and we all bring a dish to share for dinner….. This was my Grandmas tradition for years….. my grandma is no longer with us… (may she rest in peace)…….. however everyone in my family brings one of “Her” dishes…. Its not planed that way…. it just happenes that way……. So the best part of it all is knowing she is with all in our hearts and minds every single day!!

  9. Heather Mapel says

    When we used to go to my great-grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving, we would all pull out the boxes and boxes of pictures she had stashed away. Some were recent and some were from decades back. The stories that those pictures brought about were great to hear, and the moments spent laughing and talking until the late hours of the night were priceless. Sadly, she has since passed and our family is spread apart and unable to all come together, but I’ll always remember those holidays with a smile in my heart :-)

  10. shawn fleming says

    getting together with people I usualy dont see and having a good ole turkey sandwich after everything is done and cleaned up

  11. Lauren Maar says

    We haven’t really started any traditions (we’ve got a 2yr old and a newbie!) but my favorite thing is cooking…well really baking. I can’t wait for my eldest to be able to really help with baking and enjoy the holiday bonding !

  12. britney Shea says

    My favorite tradition is going to my parents house early and helping my mom cook, setting the table and being with family.

  13. missy parsley says

    Watching the Macy’s parade and seeing the kids excitement when Santa comes :) (pumpkin pie is a close 2nd!!!)

  14. Stacy says

    My favorite tradition is my hosting dinner at our house and watching our (my husband and I’s) families actually get along! :o) P.S. This is only our second year doing it. Hopefully it goes as well as the first! lol

  15. Amanda Rivera says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition would have to be seeing all of my family getting together in one place(it doesnt happen too often). Plus I just love turkey!!

  16. says

    My favorite turkey day tradition is making my family all of their favorite turkey day foods, watching them eat everything on their plates without complaining and being thankful that for one day a year, they all agree I am the best cook in the world!….Ok, that would be in my dreams…seriously, my favorite tradition is right before we dig in, all of our family and friends (whoever has joined us), we gather around the food, hold hands and give thanks to God for blessing us and asking for his blessing over the food. Then we sit around and talk about everything we have to be thankful for!

  17. Mindie Dittemore says

    My Favorite tradition is making home made bread for the dinner :) (which that killer mixer your giving away would sooo help me do)

  18. Bridget M Williams says

    My hubby never had traditions as he was an orphan, so when we combined our families we started a tradition of playing trivial pursuit, he had never really experienced family game time and now it’s just what everyone gets excited about on Thanksgiving!

  19. Annie Thissell-Riley says

    My favorite tradition was our entire family getting together…5 generations for a giant dinner. We usually ended up renting a hall to fit everybody in. The imediate family was approx. 40-50 people…depending on who could show up.

  20. Shannon Kinkle says

    My favorite tradition was eating my grandmothers fruit salad. I used to enjoy watching my Mom and Grandma banter back and forth in the kitchen as she made it. Sometimes Grandma would forget something, or Mom would tell her it needed something else. They would laugh and tease each other and I loved to watch them. Grandma is gone now, but my Mom still makes it when we get together for holidays. Now it’s my turn to carry on that tradition. Hope my children have some of those good memories when they grow up. :)

  21. Amy M. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is actually a Christmas tradition- whoops! The Saturday after Thanksgiving ever since my now 7 year old daughter was an infant, we have gone to Bachnan’s in South Minneapolis. The store is decked out in beautiful displays and they have an a play with Santa and his elf Albert. The play is always cute and then afterwards YOU can take your kids’ pictures with santa FOR FREE!! If you want a family shot, Albert is always a willing helper.
    So while the crazy shoppers are hitting the malls, we extend our family time.

    ***but I can’t fail to mention my love for Wild Rice stuffing!!!!! Mmmm!

  22. Stacy W says

    Since living in Kansas City, our new tradition has been that Thanksgiving evening we go down to the plaza and watch them turn on the christmas lights. So beautifull! then we get hot chocolate and cookies and sing christmas carols. Such a fun time!

  23. beth kelsay says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the start of Christmas songs around the house after the good meal!!

  24. Roxanna Jauregui says

    My favorite at Thanksgiving is that we all hold hands and one of the grandkids will say grace. Then one by one we say what we are grateful for. My dad has passed, but is always included in memory. It really completes our dinner, because giving thanks is what it’s all about. My mother started this years ago and I am so glad that she did.

  25. Lori says

    I think my favorite part of the holiday is family. Love being surrounded by my family. I also love the preparation of the great food and everyone’s favorite dish. Love the shopping…love the idea of getting that much closer to putting up decorations and the planning for Christmas. Sitting with the grandkids and getting their lists for Santa from all the newspapers. Even though this is a hectic time of year, the blessings you get from your family being together is worth every grey hair!

  26. meghan says

    The only real tradition in my family is having turkey. Its always at a different place and all the ther food changes every year. Thanksgiving aren’t usually the best holiday in my family but the turkey is usually always good!

  27. Kristina Salinas says

    My sister every year writes what she is thankful for about each person on the name place setting. Right before we eat dinner everyone gets to read what she wrote.

  28. Amy L says

    My favorite tradition is gathering in the kitchen to prepare food and laugh and enjoy the time with my 4 daughters! They love making all the yummy things to spoil their daddy with!

  29. Jennifer Y says

    Watching the Thanksgiving day parades on tv while the food cooks. Then we pack it up and drive it over an hour away to my in laws house to eat.

  30. Amanda Gehman says

    My favorite tradition is the “elf on the shelf” he comes out on Thanksgiving day and the kids race around Thanksgiving morning to find him. They get so excited! He then joins us at the table for a family thanksgiving dinner.

  31. says

    Since my mom retired to the blue ridge (we are floridians) we drive up there and have a real thanksgiving, with cold, and barren trees, and make memories for the kids! This year wwe are going to the Biltmore with a coupon my mom got! Sooooo excited!

  32. Cortney Van Weerdhuizen says

    My favorite tradition is very simple….Love all the family getting together, eating great food and catching up with each other on whats been going on! Love it!!!

  33. Shawna Knight says

    Favorite Thanksgiving tradition is spending it with my family :) The laughter and visiting and just being together

  34. Leslie Russell says

    My favorite part of thanksgiving is getting to see my family, and eating of course! I can’t wait to celebrate my first thanksgiving as a mom either :)

  35. michele christy says

    It may not sound like much, but my favorite tradition is having turkey for dinner….some people do ham or prime rib, but I prefer turkey!

  36. meloni says

    I love that all our kids and grandkids come to our house and all 6 of my girls work together in the kitchen and grandbabies are everywhere wanting to play with grandma and grandpa and all the guys sit and visit. then we all hold hands and grandpa thanks our Lord for anothey year we’re all together and usually a new member of the family. we chow down then all the kids and grands set up the Christmas tree and we just have fun together!

  37. Gina says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is getting up early that morning and turning on the TV to watch March of the Wooden Soldiers (an old Laurel & Hardy movie classic) and then the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while preparing the Thanksgiving feast with my Mother in the kitchen. It brings back great memories of my childhood. :-)

  38. says

    Hi there. I love the tradition of my Mama’s stuffing….my brother and I taste-testing everything. My brother and I roast the turkey together and we make a wish on the wish bone. Then, the day after Thanksgiving, we go to Indiana to celebrate and share fellowship with our extended family. The family, the food and the fun is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There’s so much to share and be thankful for each and every year.

  39. Edy Luttrell says

    Time spent with my kids is what i value most about the day. The smell of the food, the laughter. And when it is all done, singing charols at the Senior Center as they light the star atop the town’s tallest tree.

  40. Ronda Ballow says

    This is simply thee besy holiday ever. I make the whole dinner pay for it and everything. I love having my family over they stay the whole day to. I get so excited at this time of year because I have such a passion for cooking.

  41. Melissa Eiden says

    Depending on our work schedule determines where we are able to go for Thanksgiving, so we don’t have a certain place for Thanksgiving but, we do make a thankful turkey every year and we all write things we are thankful for!

  42. Stacy B says

    My 2 favorite parts of Thanksgiving are: being with family and loved ones, and being reminded to be thankful for all we have. The food isn’t bad either. LOL

  43. Nancy Barlass says

    My parents would make us all tell how we were thankful for each member of the family and did the same thing at Christmas. Even if only twice a year we had to come up with somthing real and sincere. I was always most thankful for pickins–that is the bit let on the carved turkey that I could pick at and eat. I love turkey!!

  44. Laci Kent says

    My favorite tradition is going to have dinner with both sides of my family over a 2 day span. We eat with my mom’s side of the family and then with my dad’s on a different day. It’s fun to catch up with them all and enjoy everyone’s company.

  45. jennifer bunnell says

    My favorite thing is having the turkey with stuffing and pumpkin pie and being with family

  46. Kris Kim says

    I love spending time with family and eating the same thing each year! I might mix it up though and add something different πŸ˜‰

  47. elizabeth iannazzi says

    hello :) my fav tradition is a new one, every year the family & i drive to my dads house 9 hours away ! and spend it with him we have been doing this for 3 years and it is really special to me as i just reconnected with him :)

  48. Suzanne Kittrell says

    Our family tradition is to wake up and watch the parade, then after dinner we watch our favorite Christmas movie White Christmas.
    I would love this, things are really tight for us this year and this would really help brighten our holiday. Thanks for the chance to win, this is very kind of you.

  49. Melanie C says

    This would be so wonderful to win! Times are hard since my husband is unemployed! But my all TIME favorite tradition is waking up to go buy the “black Friday” sales newspaper! I’ve seen most of them online but my mom and I have been buying the newspaper every thanksgiving morning for as long as I can remember! Kinda fun to see who wakes up first each year cause whoever does always buys 2 and ill take her 1 or she will bring me one! I’ve gotten most of my sale/ couponing skills from her! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!! πŸ˜€

  50. Rhonda Kern says

    Tradition has changed since my Mom passed. Just getting some new traditions going and my son has joined the Marines. Will be the last Thanksgiving with him for a while. We’ll see what next year brings. Just thankful for my family!

  51. Tiffany says

    My favorite tradition is helping cook! breaking the bread the night before and then getting up at 6 to start everything. By the time its all done we are rushing to change out of our pjs but its all worth it to see all the smiles and sit and talk with family!

  52. Judy Dixon says

    I love Thanksgiving because I truly am Thankful for everything I have. I was a drug addict for many years and I was able to kick that habit and now everything that I have is a blessing to me. I love to tell people that I am thankful for them. I try to tell people all year long but I make sure I tell them on Thanksgiving. I am thankful. Of course I LOVE my turkey as well. I pride myself in my turkey cooking skills.

  53. says

    eating pie and pumkin rolls watching tv and playing games. I am so thankful for my family. My kids and I are super excited this year because my husband has been on business for 4 weeks. And he comes back for thanksgiving! The kids couldent be happier.


    Of course, my fave tradition is going to my parents for some good ‘ol homecooking!! It’s great to spend the day catching up, and then topping off the evening with a huge piece of pumpkin pie (w/ whipped cream, of course!!)

  55. Shelly Sanders says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is serving Sweet Potato Casserole at our big family dinner.

  56. Elizabeth Davis says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is always nibbling on the Celery and cream cheese while the turkey and other foods are being prepared :)

  57. magan says

    I love my grandmothers cooking… LOL… thats why no one in our family is skinny.8)but being in az i am home sick for it so I TRY to make some….

  58. Nicole Stotts says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is spending the day with my family & showing/teaching my son what Thanksgiving is about!

  59. Kris G says

    My hubby always works Thanksgiving in the ER so he can have Christmas off so the kids and I stay in our comfy jammies, watch the parades and football and do nothing but enjoy each other.

  60. Candice says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is getting up early (or just staying up all night) with my Daddy cooking EVERYTHING for the day!! It was wonderful to just have that time with me and my Daddy! I am sad that this year I may not be able to do that with him, but it will always be my favorite memory!!!

  61. Damaris Renedo says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is that after our wonderful feast, we choose a name from a bag for the family Christmas gift exchange. :)

  62. Trisha W. says

    I haven’t done it for awhile in November, but every Thanksgiving weekend I would get my family all dressed up and go visit Santa and get our family’s picture taken.

  63. Beverly M says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating turkey and watching the Thanksgiving parades on TV. Thanks for having the contest!

  64. Sandi Hall says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is inviting people who are having hard times, and are not even related to me! I am my brother’s keeper, and my hubby is never surprised at the people who show up at our house for this wonderful holiday! We are both out of work, but still love to cook and share with others in difficult circumstances.

  65. kim c says

    Making apple turnovers for my 2 daughters with the leftover apple pie crust and filling. I remember my brother & I waiting patiently while my dear grandmother would make them for us. She has not been with us for years but every tradition I have has been started by her.

  66. Heather Pitcher says

    The food. I make a killer deep fried turkey, and I love candied yams. They are something I look forward to every year. I guess I also enjoy the visit with the in-laws.

  67. Deana Huggins says

    My favorite thing is being able to spend time with my family. I don’t get to see them as often as I would lile so I really look forward to times like this.

  68. Kristin bray says

    My favorite thanksgiving tradition is spending time with my family and friends! Cooking great food and just giving thanks! We always go around the table and tell each other what we are most thankful for!!!

  69. Michelle Fisher says

    Our Thanksgiving tradition is betting on how late my brother will be each year. Its simple but it always makes us laugh and we take bets on the amount of time before he calls and says he will be late and the actual time he is late.

  70. Jenn says

    My favorite tradition is going through the newspaper that day and sorting through all the ads….creating a plan of which stores to hit and which ones can be skipped on Black Friday. Once we have our strategy all mapped out, we hit the desserts and then bed so we are rested up for a long day of shopping. :)

  71. robin says

    The feeking that you cant breathe, not just from being stuffed but the laughter. We laugh so hard we cry and our sides split!

  72. Natalie WI says

    It is my sons Birthday weekend – so every year I make sure to take it off work, we do a small traditional feast at the apartment – then we are celebrating a birthday the rest of the weekend. I was induced with him on Thanksgiving night 7 years ago – he was born on black friday! :)

  73. Dawna says

    Hope to make some new traditions with it new baby girl this year… She just started eating real food and will be so excited to eat all that good food!

  74. Steph Boushee says

    I love sitting around with all the women in my family after our big Thanksgiving dinner and going through the ads for Black Friday and making our game plan :-)

  75. Sue Perry says

    Love family around table & just before we pray, each person tells
    what they are Thankful for. Alway sweet! Love it.

  76. D'Arla Calley says

    I sure hope I win this.
    We are close-really close to losing our home due to all my Medical Bills-our Insurance does not cover everything and having our power and water shut-off!
    I hate to think our kiddo’s will have to do without Thanksgiving Dinner as well as Christmas because we simply have NO Money to buy the Thanksgiving Dinner with and definatly do not have money for Christmas for them.
    Everyone. Please cross your fingers that I win, so they will at least have Thanksgiving Dinner.

  77. Laurie says

    I love the time with family and the food… my mom always makes a green bean casserole that we look forward to every year :)

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